For Sale
Sales are fantastic year upon year. More and more customers are searching for quality registered miniatures. We at
Meadowviewminiatures.Co.Uk pride ourselves with our excellent stock and have one of the largest selections of
miniature  donkeys in the country with a vast variety of colours. 9 Out 10 people who come to visit - BUY. It is
recommended customers express an interest in new foals as soon as possible as they can be reserved before they
are even born. We always allow plenty of time with potential customers when they come to see our stock. We
appreciate our miniature donkeys are a substantial serious long term investment. We have several repeat customers,
miniature donkeys are addictive, they look fantastic and thrive in herd environment.
Our aftersales help and advice is among the very best in the UK Registered Miniature Donkey Breeding.
Guideline cost of Donkeys:- what you can expect to pay ....
2000 plus gelding foal.
2750 plus filly foal.
4000 plus breeding jenny in foal.
Jeanette is always happy to talk- DONKEY..
Contact us for further details
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If you don't see what you are looking for on the for sale page feel free to phone Jeanette for an impartial donkey chat.
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Meadow View Miniature Donkey Stud
Donkey Breed Society Passport (own bred foals). This includes Pedigree pages which shows full Miniature Donkey
Properly fitting brand new head collar & Lead rope.
Vaccinated for Equine Flu & Tetanus. (new foals will need to be Vaccinated by new owners vet at 6 months).
Feet Trimmed.
Teeth rasped.
Quality registered donkeys which are groomed and mane trimmed.
I always sell with an option that you offer back to me first if your circumstances change and you can no longer keep the
On going help and support when ever you need it.